Stewy von Wattenwyl Trio

The band so far has 7 CDs to its credit: All of them have been given top notes, which shows that European jazz is on a par with American jazz, and in comparison with music from the US need no longer be shy or apologetic. 

Trumpet legend Art Farmer knew this also, and in his last years was always pleased to engage the trio as his rhythm section. In this context, the three young musicians showed themselves to be competent and sensitive accompanists. They have also gone on to prove in concert that as far as piano trios are concerned, not all the paths of modern jazz have yet been taken. Critics have praised the performances of the trio with superlatives: ”jazz for the next century”, ”a jewel” and ”wonderfully confident and free in a most interactive and beautiful trio combination”.


Stewy von Wattenwyl is not a purist. He searches for innovation in the exchange of influences not only over continental but also over stylistic borders. 

Though the major part of the material is taken from the "Great American Songbook" it gets it's quality from the influences of different styles and continents and takes the listener along on a fascinating journey through dark blues, cooking swing, floating bossa and latin grooves, uneven time signatures, elements from pop and classical music, polyrhythmics etc. 

The Trio amazes on the one hand with never heard interpretations and arrangements, on the other open wide spaces for contemporary improvisation and interplay concepts.