Wattenwyl & Perrin

If it is said that the piano or the guitar can take over the role of an orchestra, meant is that they are endlessly multilateral instruments which – in correspondingly expert operation – are not only melodic and harmonic but above all also percussive.


Stewy von Wattenwyl and Nick Perrin are two extremely skilled representatives of their instrumental art who are familiar with the expressional possibilities of their instruments!  This potential however is magnified by the dialogue between two persons. Though the «HOT CLUB de BERNE», how the two young Bernese musicians humorously call their two-man-orchestra, works without drums, it swings terribly. As they prove on their sensational CD “I Got A Right To Sing The Blues”  it’s not only possible to accompany,  intonate and solo but rather to breathe and whisper, court and entice, suggest and promise, affirm and contradict, put on hard and roll like thunder. Or as the press formulated it:


.. « The Bernese pair passed the musical ideas back and forth like balls and amazed by their own quick reaction. It is clear that such a communion which depends at least as strongly on the empathic recess as from the single-handed virtuoso effort, can only exist on the basis of mutual trust. » … "Bund" 21/2/05